Cara - Registered Nurse

Having worked in England for two years, I decided it was time to move my career back home to Belfast. Since qualifying I had worked in one speciality (neuro).

I decided it was time to broaden my nursing skills, and at the same time have more flexibility in my shift patterns.

I contacted Balmoral Healthcare over the phone and within the same week I had an interview scheduled. The team made a huge effort to get me registered as quickly as possible by gathering all the necessary documentation and reference information. It was a very straightforward and quick process.

During the interview, we discussed which area would be most suitable for me to begin. One concern I had about coming home to work was how different the NI Trusts would be compared to trusts in England. For example paperwork, equipment, policies etc. The nurse manager of Balmoral, advised that I try a block booking on one ward so I could become familiar and get support from a team I know.

Following the interview, I was introduced to the team who would be contacting to arrange shifts. I was able to tell them about my previous work experience and which areas would suit my skills best, so they could offer me the most suitable placements. I arranged my first shift there and then with the team.

Since becoming a member, I have been on a block booking and have found settling in very easy. The Balmoral Healthcare team have been supportive and friendly throughout, and made moving home and changing jobs a simple task.